Investments in ESG and Cleantech sectors provide a promising outlook for investors and the future

We believe that success in this space comes from supporting the emerging global trend that supports founders seeking to improve the Planet, Its People, and our collective Prosperity. This means that both innovation and financing will continue to be strong for generations. We invest in brilliant founders that are working diligently to solve some of the world’s most challenging opportunities. Pentium and its network of investors serve as a catalyst to drive continuous improvement for this world and its people.


Our investment philosophy is simple. Invest in our companies that support ESG mandates set out by global governments. Forward thinking governments, intelligent investors, and courageous inventors are the drivers for this shift. They come together to foster innovation by investing in Seed to Series B Founders that are hell bent on disrupting their industry. Our Planet, Its People, and Our Shared Prosperity

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Hydrogen Conversion

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Pentium Venture Fund

$50M AUM

Seed to Series B

ESG & CleanTech

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Target initial Investment

5-7 Years

Target Holding Period

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Case Studies

Solar: Off-Grid AI Solar Solutions for Emerging Markets 

Okra is an AI & IoT company that provides mini-grid solar solutions for emerging markets. The company had achieved product/market fit. With the help of Pentium, Okra is aggressively scaling into new markets to help bring power to the 800M that have no access to a grid.

Aerospace: Military AI Intelligence for Surveillance Video Compression

Tveon is an AI enabled company that revolutionized the video compression sector. They focus on the military defense & aerospace industry. Their tech is truly disruptive and continues to provide market leading innovation for their customers.

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