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Pentium Capital Partners is a venture capital fund that invests in early-stage companies seeking to improve the Planet, its People, and our shared Prosperity.  This means we invest in courageous founders with disruptive ideas who join us in our mission to improve the Planet, its People, and our shared Prosperity.

We value deep, meaningful relationships above all else and are in constant pursuit of strategic, meaningful business relationships.

ESG is the path forward

Major banks, finance institutions, and governments, with nearly $130T already committed, have pledged to limit financial support to asset classes and companies that support ESG initiatives. This represents one of the most iconic global efforts to come together to improve the Planet, its People, and our shared Prosperity on a global scale.  We want to add to that energy by providing more funding and opportunities to expand the global ESG ecosystem.

ESG funds are more than doubling from the prior year.

Global governments are pledging capital and resources to funds and founders to support their climate initiatives. This adds further momentum to ESG funds and founders; thereby, growing the industry further.

ESG funds could get a further boost if the administration seeks to make it easier for businesses to offer sustainable funds to employees in 401(k) and other workplace retirement plans.

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We seek to build the most admired investment fund to work for and to work with. This starts with our values.

Respect the Founder's Journey
Building Enduring Relationships
Never Harm Your Integrity
Serve Our Entrepreneurs
Serve Our Investors
Take the Long View
Be Humble

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